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Type Stamps – Low Stress


Low Stress Steel Type Stamps for use for marking applications which dictate that lower stress levels are introduced into the component being marked. This is usually a requirement for Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil and Gas installations and some M.O.D. work.

2 Styles of Low Stress engraving available

Ministress – round faced character which gives a continuous line character when marked.

Dotstress – for even greater reduced stress levels, a character with similar nose formation to Ministress but with the added benefit of impressing the character in dot formation.

Low Stress sets available in each style:

  • Letter Sets include 26 Characters A-Z
  • Number Sets include 10 characters 0-9
  • Full Sets include 100 alpha-numeric and punctuation characters as well as spacer pieces for non-marking positions

Should you need assistance to identify the size required please refer to the Type Identification Chart below. This chart covers the Standard Pryor Type sizes

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