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Percussion Press – Integrator


Integrator Presses are compact and versatile, and the ideal solution for fitting into automated production lines and machines. The flange mounting design has the benefit of a removable hand lever for manual operation, if required, plus the air cylinder to actuate the ram.

  • Pneumatically powered
  • The ram design consists of a co-axial module and provides the maximum power in the smallest space.
  • The unit can be mounted in any direction using the four mounting holes.
  • Securely fix to a supporting structure in relation to the item to be marked.
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Impact Press Technical Information

Please note, An Integrator Impact Press is supplied unguarded and it is the responsibility of the end user to supply and fit guarding to conform to the Health & Safety At Work Act. However, we will need a Letter of Intent stating that guarding will be fitted by the end user to conform to the act before we can release pneumatics from our factory.

Pneumatic presses are supplied with a foot actuation pedal and some pipework.

During installation, the operator must ensure the unit is not subjected to vibration or movement.

Integrator Press:

Marking Capacity 0 – 600Kg 0 – 3500 Kg 0 – 7500Kg
Weight  2Kg 10Kg 38Kg
Air Pressure 4 bars 6 bars 6 bars
Air Consumption 0.5L 2.3L 5.4L
Shank HMS080 8mm dia. x 32mm HMS100 10mm dia. x 40mm HMS160 16mm dia. x 50mm
Rack Stroke Length 32mm 67mm 110mm
Tool Support Stroke Length 8mm 18mm 25mm
Usable Stroke length 24mm 49mm 85mm
Press Capacity

500kg, 3000kg, 7500kg