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Percussion Press – Pneumatic


Pryor’s Pneumatic Percussion Impact Presses add further automation to your marking process with the introduction of a foot switch actuator pedal to apply the mark. Manually operated presses can become physically demanding when marking large batch quantities, a pneumatic press should be considered if you have large volumes of parts to mark. Simply attached the press to your on-site air supply or compressor and the system us ready to start marking

  • Pneumatically Operated Impact Press via a foot switch
  • Available in 3 sizes depending on your marking requirements
  • Compatible with a large number of marking products
  • T-slot base arrangement allows for flexibility with workholding fixtures
  • Marking force easily adjusted for marking different materials
  • Easy set up and use


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Increase Operator Safety

A Pryor Pneumatic Percussion Press is ideal for medium output and helps to reduce the worker exhaustion that can be associated with hand and hammer marking tools and their operation. Presses are easy and safe to use on either regular or irregular workpieces. Bench-mounted presses have a large T-slotted worktable to enable easy fitting of work holding fixtures

Pneumatic Percussion Press Technical Information

Please note, pneumatic presses are supplied unguarded and it is the responsibility of the end user to supply and fit guarding to conform to the Health & Safety At Work Act. However, we will need a Letter of Intent stating that guarding will be fitted by the end user to conform to the act before we can release pneumatics from our factory.

Pneumatic presses are supplied with a foot actuation pedal and some pipework.

Marking capacity 0 – 600Kg 0 – 3500 Kg 0 – 7500Kg
Press Dimensions
Base Area 138 x 225 mm 208 x 355 mm 300 x 505 mm
Overall Height 350 mm 600 mm 840 mm
Daylight Adjustment 0 – 175 mm 0 – 270 mm 0 – 300 mm
Weight 14.5 Kgs 53 Kgs 162Kgs
Marking Table
Area 110 x 110 mm 166 x 176 mm 240 x 240 mm
T-shaped slot 6mm 10mm 12mm
Marking Stroke
Rack stroke length 30mm 60mm 85 mm
Tool support stroke length 8mm 18mm 22 mm
Usable stroke length 22mm 42mm 63 mm
Machine Shank HMS080 Round Shank
8mm dia. x 32mm Long
HMS100 Round Shank
10mm dia. x 38mm Long
HMS160 Round Shank
16mm dia. x 48mm Long
Air Pressure 4 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Air Connection 1/8″ B.S.P. 1/4″ B.S.P. 1/4″ B.S.P.

When used with interchangeable type or number heads the following table can be used as a guide to the maximum number of characters marked in a single operation



Press Capacity

500kg, 3000kg, 7500kg