Numbering Heads


Pryor Numbering Heads enable you to quickly mark clear and legible impressions onto most metals and plastics, allowing maximum utilisation and return on investment. By simply rotating the wheels, you can change a complete inscription in seconds, making Numberers the perfect tool for simple yet flexible marking.

Not only does Pryor supply both manual and automatic versions of this product, but also custom designs including condensed or broad characters; ministress, dot stress or flat faced characters; custom fonts and letters. Please contact us to enquire about custom Numbering Heads. Pryor also supplies Presses and Shanks that are compatible with this machine. For manual Numberers for character sizes of over 3mm, please contact us about custom shank sizes.

Automatic Numbering Heads automatically increment by 1.

Pryor Numbering Heads are manufactured to strict tolerances and positive alignment, creating consistent quality marks every time.

Key Points

  • Flexible to use on different materials
  • Simple to use
  • Produce consistent quality marks
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Robust and durable


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