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Steel Hand Stamps – Symbols


Our range of steel symbol stamps are ideal for use in a variety of industries including serial number marking, inspection marking for quality control, or as part of asset marking for industrial equipment.

Manufactured to the same high standards as our number and letter stamps using high quality tool steel and our superior cold-forming process before going through a specialist heat treatment process to ensure maximum safety and product longevity.

Symbols available as standard:

  • Arrow
  • Asterisk
  • CE Mark
  • Diameter
  • Earth
  • Protective Earth
  • Star
  • Ton

Can’t find the steel hand stamp you are looking for, please see our Custom Stamps & Logo Marking section

Punch Size Chart

To be used in connection with the Punch Diagram in the images ribbon.

Character Height – measured from the crest of the engraving as shown.

Character Height Stamp Length (A) Square Section (B) Square Section (C)
Metric Imperial Metric Imperial Metric Imperial Metric Imperial
3.0mm 1/8″ 63.50mm 2.1/2″ 6.35mm 1/4″ 6.35mm 1/4″
4.0mm 5/32″ 70.0mm 2.3/4″ 9.50mm 3/8″ 9.50mm 3/8″
5.0mm 3/16″ 70.0mm 2.3/4″ 9.50mm 3/8″ 9.50mm 3/8″
6.0mm 1/4″ 70.0mm 2.3/4″ 9.50mm 3/8″ 9.50mm 3/8″
8.0mm 5/16″ 89.0mm 3.1/2″ 12.70mm 1/2″ 12.70mm 1/2″
10.0mm  3/8″ 89.0mm 3.1/2″ 14.30mm 9/16″ 14.30mm 9/16″

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